Application in Livelihood Industry

Food and Beverage Industry - Mesh for sifting flour/ Mesh for food processing and bakeries/ Mesh for drying and sifting food products


Application in General Industrial Field

Electricity generation Industry - Filter for cinder of Thermal power generation


Application in Healthcare Industry

Medical device Industry - Filter for Injection sets / Filter for blood transfusion dialysis devices


Application in Agriculture, Fishing, and Mining Fields

Aquaculture Industry - Mesh for incubation / Agriculture and Gardening Industry - Mesh for shading / Mesh for insects prevention in orchard


Our Philosophy

As our English name “TRUSTWELL”, our business philosophy is to bring trust to our customers based on providing best technique service and high quality products to them, to earn trust from suppliers based on long term business relationship in both sides, and to gain employees’ trust based on company’s regard of their welfare and profit. Trustwell has dedicated on supplying best products to our customers in order to assist their sales achievement in market and also bring the steady income and best profit to our employees and their families.